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Beauty Unites: Collaborative Creations with Makeup Brands

In collaboration with Kryolan, I embarked on an artistic journey with Sarie verheughe as my muse to create an extreme makeup look that juxtaposed strength with softness. Drawing inspiration from warrior motifs and historical attire, I adorned the model with bold strokes and powerful lines, symbolizing resilience and empowerment. However, to balance this strength, I delicately painted intricate floral patterns, infusing a sense of femininity and grace into the overall composition. Through this creative fusion, I aimed to present the woman in a dual light, embodying both strength and softness in a captivating and harmonious manner.


In a later stage, I collaborated with Sarie as a model. I transformed her into a mermaid and positioned her in the heart of Brussels, amidst the winter chill, atop the Neptune Fountain. This setting alluded to the mythical figures she dreamt of embodying and becoming. The location, situated amidst highways and exits, perhaps serves as a metaphor for her journey and aspirations.

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