Sarina Mannaert is a Belgium based make-up artist, photographer, (hair)stylist and an allround creative bundle of energy who’s active since some years in the TV-, fashion- & eventindustry. Specialised in beauty, fashion, editorial, artistic and commercial shoots, she's always wielding her make-up brushes and/or standing behind the camera to get that perfect picture. 

At the age of 16 she started as a model herself and was immediately attracted by the creative aspects of a photography shoot. As she was modelling she started to discover the power of a good make-up, how it can empower, liberate and transform you into anything you want to be. A power to boost someone's confidence in a way he or she has never felt before. So the creative spark inside her became a fire and she decided to become a make-up artist. In Antwerp she studied allround make-up at Encora and attended numerous workshops to perfect her craft as an polyvalent artist. But if that wasn't enough for her she also kept developing her photography skills. This gave her the big advantage of aligning the right look and feel to a picture of her own making. After several years of combining these crafts , Sarina can present a wide resume of experiences and projects she had the pleasure of working on.

She worked as a freelance make-up artist for Kryolan, MUD & M.A.C. Cosmetics and is still active for national TV. Sarina worked on TV shows like “Belgium's got Talent”, “Eurosong”, “#LikeMe”, “Merci voor de Muziek” and many more. She worked in the Royal Theatre 'La Monnaie’ of Brussels and also did make-up for large events like Tomorrowland, Cirque magique,  and worked with a long list of well renowned photographers. Extreme Make-up & bodypaints for aclaimed agency’s like The Dancers Agency, The Cast, Criaturas and productioncompanies like Headoffice, Imagedesk, Goodmark, Caviar & Eyeworks brought her to different parts of the world. Furthermore she was asked by music artists and bands like Stromae, Tamino, Epica, Aborted, Evil Invaders, Carnation & Diablo Blvd to do the make- up and specials effects for their music video's.


There are a lot of make-up artists & photographers who have found succes trough specalizing in one particular genre. Her career is rather the result of a conscious choice to work in all different aspects of the audiovisual industry. Instead of staying in one field, she embraced and used the versality of both worlds to create her own style and brand. Inventive, colourful and playful with a good eye for details are the key elements in her art and work.

To me, make-up is a form of art, and trough my own make-up work I would like to show this sentiment to the wider world. I’ve always been able to express my feelings through my creativity and I personally think make-up is the best way to express different feelings. After all we sense each other feelings through facial expressions. As a make up artist I want to be able to reflect my own feelings on other peoples faces. I strongly believe make-up can always enhance feelings already present even stronger.