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Lines in nature

Last year, I embarked on a spontaneous trip to Tenerife, accompanied by my friend and model, Sara Scarlet. During this adventure, I created a body paint inspired by the lines and structures of Tenerife's striking landscapes. Using black and white, I aimed to maintain a tactile, tangible aspect to the artwork.

The bodypaint echoed the natural contours and textures of the island, and once completed, I photographed Sara within the very landscape that inspired the design. The monochromatic palette allowed her to blend seamlessly into her surroundings while also standing out, emphasizing the harmonious relationship between the human form and nature.

This artistic journey not only captured the essence of Tenerife's unique terrain but also highlighted the deep connection between art, nature, and human expression. The resulting images evoke a sense of unity and belonging, as if Sara had become an integral part of the landscape itself.

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