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The Face of Identity: Unveiling Cultural Complexity

(Ungoing Series)

Over the past few years, I've embarked on a series where I merge cultural patterns with the beauty of artistic makeup. These patterns are magnified on the face, yet the beauty remains prominent.

One of the prints I began with was the Keffiyeh.
The keffiyeh, a scarf with a checkered print, symbolizes these days the Palestinians' struggle for freedom.
Eventhough the print in the past had other meanings also, the print and scarf now represents as a sign of resistance. People wear a kufiya because they feel connected to Palestine. However, today, Palestine (and the genocide occurring there) is too often viewed like any other news or portraits that passes through magazines or online platforms. People look, give their opinions, but in reality, too little changes. This image serves as a observation of how the situation is currently perceived.

In this series, I aim to challenge viewers to reflect on their perception and the realities behind them.
By magnifying these patterns on the face, I invite viewers to delve deeper into the cultural significance and the broader socio-political context in which they exist. Through my artwork, I hope to spark conversations and raise awareness about the complexities of cultural identity.

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